‘Sundance’ EP is a dose of liquid gold to heal your soul’

 – Rave Report

‘SOFi MARi and Septabeat’s Jazzy D&B grooves, soulful vocals and rejuvenating vibrations will transport you back to those sun-drenched, bass-heavy beach festival dance floors we all love and miss so much.’

‘Sometimes a real pearl arrives in our promo inbox and this time it gave us a surprise’

 – Music Intelligence Dnb

‘We decided to investigate [Septabeat] and we did not regret for a second that we cared about a few well-aimed questions. They fell on fertile ground. Sam was not afraid to talk not only about his new EP´s and it is worth mixing at least one evening drink to really enjoy this interview. And play all the great tracks.’

‘I have never seen anything so mesmerizing in my life’


‘We then saw Septabeat, A LIVE DRUM AND BASS BAND! I have never seen anything so mesmerizing in my life. Honestly, everyone should check these guys out! ‘

‘If only every drum & bass night started, and ended, like this.’

 – Zapbang Magazine

‘Sharing the stage, the insane Septabeat brought high energy live drumming, vocals and sequencing. We’re so lucky ‘real’ elements of music are being saluted again – seeing musicians do what they do best and loving it, that positive energy spreads through the crowd.’

Samadhi Quintet

‘Flowing, turbulent, tight, myriad influences – American jazz, hip hop, Indian rhythms, Latin rhythms’

 – Bebop Spoken Here

‘Track six – Deimos – encapsulates all that is best about this recording. Superb musicianship…the acoustic quality of the studio recording exemplary, five ‘tuned-in’ musicians.’

‘A richly rewarding album full of colour, nuance and rhythmic invention that draws on many sources but which sounds bright, fresh and innovative. For Sam Gardner it’s a leadership début to be proud of.’


‘The Dance of Venus” is an excellent advertisement for Gardner as both a performer and composer. His writing is rich and colourful and embraces a variety of rhythms drawn from the worlds of jazz, hip hop, Indian and Latin American music.’

‘This accomplished and richly inventive album is the brainchild of drummer Sam Gardner

 – london jazz news

‘…a phonographic celebration of life, consciousness and the universe… inspired by the Quadrivium – the four liberal arts of Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology’