Drumming DJ | Producer | Musical Director

Collaborating with Vocalists

Hey there, I’m Septabeat! I have a passion for collaborating with vocalists to create unforgettable live shows. With my expertise in transforming electronic and sample-based music into captivating performances, I bring a unique blend of drumming and DJing to enhance the front-stage experience. Let’s work together to bring your music to life!

Major Musik

RnB, House, Garage & DnB Classics

Beatside Flow

Hiphop, Rap, Beats, & DnB Bangers

Septabeat & Sofi Mari

Live Drum & Bass

Frozen EP

Septabeat & Alice Higgins

Experience Incredible Collaborations

Throughout my musical journey, I’ve had the extraordinary privilege of sharing the stage with truly extraordinary vocalists and bands. In fact, I’ve been fortunate enough to serve as the musical director for many of them. These collaborations have not only been magical and awe-inspiring but have also shaped my artistry in unimaginable ways.

My Setup

When it comes to my setup, I use Ableton Live to unleash the power of loops, samples, and live FX. With this amazing software, I not only produce full tracks but also create  loops and samples that I can trigger on the fly. This allows me to deliver an electrifying live show filled with excitement and endless possibilities.

Want to Collab?

If you’re interested in seeing how our skills might work together, then get in touch 🙂

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